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Copyright in all images by Renee Lippa is held solely by the artist herself.


Permission must be sought in advance for the reproduction, copying or any other use of any images by Renee Lippa. Individuals or businesses seeking licenses or permission to use, copy or reproduce any image by Renee Lippa must, contact:


Any persons discovered to be reproducing, copying or using images by Renee Lippa without prior consent, authorisation or permission will be put on notice that Renee Lippa is the copyright owner and asked to immediately cease and desist the infringing activity. If a satisfactory response and / or compliance is not forthcoming promptly, we will instruct our lawyers to pursue the matter and where necessary, to commence legal proceedings.


For clarification of the laws of Copyright, please contact the Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC):

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